a Glimpse of ITN Malang

National Institute of Technology (ITN) Malang originated from the National Technical Academic Malang (Malang ATN) which was established by the Public Education Foundation and the National Technology Malang in 1969 with 2 majors of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. In 1981, ATN Malang developed a National Institute of Technology’s decision of Malang with the Minister of Education and Culture No.0104/0/1983 received in 1983 consisted of 2 faculties: Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI) and the Faculty of Civil Engineering (FTSP) with some majors. because the amount of public trust ITN Malang, especially in technology, it opened a few departments / new courses until the year 2002, FTI has 11 departments / programs of study and FTSP has 8 departments / study programs. In 2003, departments / programs of study in Electrical Engineering Electrical Energy and Electrical Engineering, both S1 and D3 were merged into one department / program of study, each of which has a concentration of 2 concentrations of Electricity and Energy Engineering Electrical Engineering Concentration. Later in the year 2004 Department / Electrical Engineering courses developed with open concentration and Computer Engineering in 2004 so Informatika.dengan FTI has 9 departments / programs of study in Mechanical Engineering S1, S1 Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering S1, S1 Chemical Engineering, Textile Technology S1, Sugar and Food Engineering S1, D3 Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Industrial Engineering D3 and D3. While FTSP has 8 departments / programs of study, namely S1 Civil Engineering, Architecture S1, S1 Water Resources Engineering, Engineering Planning S1, S1 Geodesy, S1 Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering Geodesy D3 and D3.

In 2000, ITN opened Postgraduate Studies (S2) Master of Engineering based on the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education (DIKTI DG) with two No.75/Dikti/Kep/2000 Study Program of Industrial Engineering Program Management Concentration Industrial and Engineering Program Civil Construction Management Concentration.

Initially ITN Malang campus area occupies an area of 4 hectares in Jl.Bendungan Sigura-gura No.2 Malang. With the number of students increased ITN Malang, the effort to develop the facilities and infrastructure in supporting the implementation of the learning process continues. In 1998 ITN Malang Campus II building, designed as an integrated campus which occupies an area about 35 hectares of the land area of 65 hectares owned by ITN Malang. In 2000 the Campus II is used and occupied by departments / study program in Mechanical Engineering S1, S1 and Technology Industrial Civil S1.

Bachelor (Engineer) ITN Malang was first released in October 1985 numbered 14 people consisting of 6 Engineers Mechanical Engineering and Civil engineering Engineering 8, and until 2004 ITN Malang 21,148 people have passed Bachelor of Engineering, and Bachelor of Engineering Associate Expert ( Diploma 3). In 2002, for the first time, post-Graduate Program 4 grant from the Program Master of Engineering Studies Concentration in Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management Engineering from 1 Master Studies Program Concentration in Civil Engineering Construction management. Until the year of 2004 has graduated 30 Master of Engineering.

ITN Malang number of students currently reached 15,026 students from 32 provinces and the country of East Timor.


Good learning method

In each process not only in terms of learning, but also in everyday life membtuhkan a method used in these activities as the main key to success is the procedures and methods used during the process.
Like the food, although food is simple and not special at all, but if the food is served with an interesting presentation of the concept and it is tempting to eat that food would be served with a different flavor than foods that are presented only mediocre though food is expensive.
A concept of learning or teaching methods not far different from this case because a concept of learning is the outcome of our study. Results of the things we want to achieve.
Someone who says that he always studied for hours every day, and said that he always learned to digest all that for hours, then it’s all just nonsense. because all human beings have limits on the ability to remember everything, as well as the time spent in the learning process.Every human being must have a saturation point in thinking and if we had entered the saturation point, then all the material we learned will be forgotten in vain.
So limit the time in learning is one thing that is needed. Because if we continue to learn and we’ve entered the saturation level, so instead of our knowledge will increase, but instead all we learn to fall apart.

Welcome to The World of Education

Education is a virtual world, virtual world created to realize the real world. In the education world who previously considered it recorded fantasy can materialize in the future.
So let us late the future with education, with learning, with all the spirit to continue and keep learning. Because learning is not in vain, because not too late to learn. Since learning is a human need that will be felt in the future, during which we learned things we really need, when that’s the importance of learning we will feel.
Learning in all things is not as difficult that we imagined. But also not as easy as we underestimate. All forms of learning and all forms of learning that has the capacity, level of difficulty, and different levels of understanding. And all these things can be answered with a will and hard work.
Today the level of public awareness of the study is to be increased, given all the natural resources diminishing from year to year, then the potential for more reliable for us dig and we increase the potential of human resources in this world.
And every form of consciousness that each individual human self, then starting the smallest thing that starts in our own self is the manifestation of our concern for the development and sustainability of a decent life on earth. Not only that by learning then we will become a figure higher than in those who can not take a growing.